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This document outlines what personal data we may collect to provide you with our services and why we collect it. If you want information about other ways we use your personal data, please view our other privacy policies.

Data We Collect To Provide You With Services

In addition to the data we collect for all website visitors, when you order a service from us, we may request details such name, address, phone number and email address. This is for invoicing purposes, and so we have details for you should we need to contact you regarding any of the services we provide.

We may also collect other information required to provide the services request, such as information about the design of the site, or information about the hosting required. We collect this data only for the purpose of providing the services you require.

How and why we may contact you

We may contact you using the provided methods regarding any of the services you have purchased from us, for example, if we need more information to design a site, or there is a technical issue that needs resolving with your website, we may contact you. We may also contact you to discuss bills and invoices, service issues, or any other information we feel you need to be aware of.

We may also contact you if we need to make you aware of important issues regarding your site. For example, if your site needs updating to work correctly on new website browsers, or doesn’t follow current best practice and this might impact negatively on the site, we might contact you to warn you of this. We will also contact you should we notice any unusual, unauthorised or suspicious activity on your account, such as possible spamming, vulnerabilities or excessive load being placed on the servers.

We will contact you using the contact methods provided, however if you have a preferred contact method, please let us know and we will try to adhere to this method of contact where possible.

Domain Registration

When you register a domain name with us, as part of the registration we are required to share your contact details with the domain registrar. This data includes your name, address, phone number and email address. This is publicly stored in a whois registrar, linking your domain name to your contact details. While this will be private if you are an individual, your registration details may be publicly available if you register as a company.

Website Hosting

When you host a website with us, we require that you comply with our hosting policy. Hosting Policy

When we host a website for you, please be aware that we may be acting as a Data Processor for your business. Information about our role as a data processor can be found here: Our Role As A Data Processor

Other Services

If you ask us to set up a third party service on your website, such as an online booking system, a facebook page, Google adwords or similar, we may be required to share personal details with the third party. We will only do so with permission from you and when it is required to do so to provide the requested service.

Sharing your data with third parties

We may use third party data processors to provide you with our services, such as out of hours support or copywriting, for example. We require however that such parties adhere to the same high standards of data protection we do, that they comply with GDPR, and that they don’t use the data for any other reason other than providing you with the requested service.

Occasionally we may need to discuss your personal details with other third parties to provide you with the services required. For example, if you are migrating from another host, we may need to discuss details of your hosting with the original provider. We will only share this information when it has been authorised by you.

We may use examples of work we have done for you, such as site designs, for our publicity and promotion. We may, for example, share our work on Facebook and Twitter. We don’t generally include any information that would include personally identifiable, and this type of sharing is generally beneficial to your site, since it helps promote your site, however if you don’t wish us to use your website in this way, please let us know.

When legally required, we may also share data with law enforcement.

What happens to my data when I no longer use your services?

If you cancel your services with us, we may continue to store your data for limited length of time. We keep you data for a number of reasons, including for backups, accountancy, archival and legal reasons. We will however delete this data when it is no longer relevant, and will also remove it immediately on request. For information on how to request such please visit Data Access, Amendment And Deletion Requests