Delivery, Refund & Returns Policy

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Hosting and Domain services

For website hosting and domain services, we offer a 14 day cooling off period. If you wish to cancel the service that you have purchased within that time, please contact us and we will arrange a refund. Please note that at our discretion we may have to charge for services used within that 14 day period, which will be charged at a proportional rate relative to the duration of the contract.

Recurring Payments

Should you enable recurring payments either using the Paypal Subscription service or Worldpay Futurepay, we will notify you 30 days before a payment is due to be taken. Should you wish to prevent the payment from being taken, please login to Worldpay Futurepay or Paypal and cancel the payment agreement, or contact us and ask us to cancel the payment agreement. Should the payment already be taken and you wish to cancel the service and receive a refund, you have 14 days after the payment date to notify us of your wish to cancel the service.

Commissioned work

Should you commission us to design, program, develop or otherwise create a piece of work for you, we will invoice you on completion of the work. On invoicing, we allow 30 days for payment of the invoice. If there are any issues with the work completed, you must notify us of the issues within the 30 days, and we will attempt to resolve the issue. Should this not be possible, we may at our discretion offer a partial or full refund on the completed work.

Since digital requirements and standards change continuously, while we endeavour to make sure that the completed work is correct and bug free, we cannot guarantee this, and cannot offer refunds or repairs for issues or vulnerabilities disclosed in the future, unless the issue is directly related to the work carried out. For example, we cannot offer refunds for commissioned work being incompatible with future versions of required software, or newly discovered vulnerabilities in software that we use.

None of the above affects your statutory rights.

Delivery and Returns

Since we do not generally provide physical goods, we only provide services, our products and services to not generally need shipping. Should any products need delivery, we will discuss shipping terms prior to taking payment.