Website Analysis

User Behaviour Analysis

Website Analysis

You might already know how many people are visting your website, but do the like what they see? Are they viewing the information you want them to, or are they missing important part of the site, struggling with certain areas, or failing to buy from your shop?

Measure real users’ behaviour to improve your website

We can check visitor trends, behaviours and patterns. We can put this information to use and optimize the user experience, making sure that visitors see what you want them to see.

We can also do experiments, showing different users different content and analyzing the way they behave. Using this information, we can improve the structure of your web site to give the best user experience and highest visibility for your products and services.

Whether you just want to know which pages are popular, or you want an in-depth analysis of the way users are acting when they visit your site, please contact us and we will be able help you analyse what your website visitors are doing.

We normally provide analytics services as part of our Search Engine optimisation programme. Read more about our Search Engine Optimisation services here.