Proactive Website Management

Proactive Website Management

Keeping your website in peak condition with our Proactive Website Support.

We know that when you are busy running a business, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to keep on top of managing your website. Your online presence should be one of the most important ways to show off your business, yet sometimes it’s easy to forget to update your site, or miss something that means your are not showing your best to your potential customers.

We can help you with our Proactive Website Management. We actively monitor your whole online presence, and will fix issues before you even notice them! We also will provide you with useful advice on how to improve your site and attract more customers.

Proactive Website Management

Here are just some of the checks we can carry out for you.


Check for common problems

We make sure any contact forms are working, and that your online shop is giving a good user experience.

Mobile usability issues

We regularly check your site looks at it’s best on a mobile and it easy to use.

Speed issues

We check to make sure your site is loading as quickly as it should be.


Editing Errors Check.

While we make sites as easy to edit as possible, sometimes mistakes can be made – maybe there is too much text on a page, or the images that was uploaded is the wrong shape. We will check for such issues, fix them and let you know how to prevent it happening in future.

Security & Compliance

Software updates

WordPress, it’s themes and it’s plugins receives regular updates, and it’s good practice be running the latest version so that you have all security patches and bug fixes. We can make sure your site is up to date, and make sure that the upgrades don’t cause you any issues.

Advice on security improvements for your business

Are you reusing passwords? Do you know about 2 factor Authentication? If we notice ways you can improve your business’s security we will let you know!

GDPR & Cookies

Is your site compliant with the latest laws? Is your privacy policy up to date? We will let you know if we see any legal compliance issues, and offer ways to resolve the problem.


SEO Check

We will review your site and offer advice on how to appear more highly on Search engines. If there are any issues that may be negatively affecting your site, we will fix them for you.

Improve appearance on Google

The first thing people see of your business is often your Google listing. How do you look? Is your map listing up to date? We will check to make sure your sites looks at it’s best

Facebook and other social media

How’s your social media presence? If it’s looking tired, or in need of updating, we’ll let you know.


Updates to your site

We will provide you with up to 30 minutes of updates and amends to your site each month. Don’t worry if you don’t use your time in one month, we will allow you to use it in the next.

Other improvements to your site and business

If we see anything at all we think you should know about, we will be sure to let you know!

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All the above is subject to our terms and conditions.

We are constantly evolving what we offer as part of this package as technologies change. This list is representative of what you will receive, but may not be a full list of services we offer. We may not carry out all listed checks in any single month, and may not carry out certain checks at all if they are not relevant to your site.

Occasionally issues may arise with your that it is not reasonable for us to address as part of this package due to the time or cost to us required to resolve it. We reserve the right to decide what is “reasonable” and will inform you if requests or required work are outwith the scope what we offer in this service.

For more information about terms and conditions, please contact us.